Weather data available…

…yet a bit “beta” – and a bit late, I apologize. I promised this at the beginning of the campaign, but…

For the moment I can provide daily files of the Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 located on the south-western edge of the tower. Following parameters are measured:

  • Temperature [°C]
  • Relative Humidity [%]
  • Pressure [hPa]
  • Wind direction [°]
  • Wind speed [m/s]

With a 3-second temporal resolution. 5-minute averages will be available soon on a monthly basis (one file per month).

Beta means:

  • no UTC-correction (ALL TIMES LOCAL!!!)
  • a few unneeded numbers still in the files
  • no precipitation (I don’t believe in this yet)

– I will take care of those issues in the days to come. I hope this won’t result in a mess…

You can access the data archives (starting from August 1st) via the known URL:

Check the README-Files in the respective directories for further information!

Bertram Bühner, IAU Frankfurt

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calibration DUALER & PerCEAS, 17-18:45 UTC, 08.09.,

with emission of synthetic air.
M. Horstjann, IUP Uni Bremen

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Soldering on tower

I had to solder some cables from 17:00 UTC till 17:05 UTC.

Markus, MPIC Mainz

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Emission during cal.time, 10-11.30 UTC, 07.09.11

0 to 8 ppbv of NO2 and 200-250 ppbv of O3, max. 4 std.l./min. flow.
Markus, IUP U Bremen, and Umar, MPI Mainz

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EMW – influence on V25?

Hey everyone…
Today (around 15 UTC) some guys were in the lower container to check something… They used walky-talkies. The EMW could have influence on the V25 and therefore MFCs. We saw this in the lab with our V25 and the Radiosondes.
At 15.04 UTC 06/09/11 I have some strength flows from the MFCs…
Perhaps everyone in the lower Container with V25 should check their Instrument or Data.


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Working on the tower UTC 06/09/2011 12:30-12:45

I changed the Propene cylinder, there has been a leak of propene for 1 minute

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IUP Uni-Bremen

again SA emission (6 L/min) for 1 hour during the second calibration time

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